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Young Preschool (Little Sprout)

“The first duty of the educator is to stimulate life leaving it free to unfold”
-Maria Montessori

Toddlers are explorers who use all their senses to experience the world around them. Our toddler curriculum is based on proven child development and learning theories which incorporates the following elements – responsive primary teacher, predictable routines, simple transition, safe environment that allows for free exploration based on individual interests, social experience with peers, and opportunities to make choices and solve problems. Child-size, child-friendly, and language-rich environment allows toddlers to be an active participants in their learning, providing them with opportunities to enhance their self-help skills and independence such dressing, undressing, eating, pouring milk, putting on shoes, and toileting. Toddlers participate in ‘hands on’ learning activities that foster growth in all developmental domains. They also learn basic STEM concepts through everyday objects, specially-designed learning tools, and intentionally designed activities.

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