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Little Seed Early Learning Center

Children learn best in an environment that not only encourages free exploration and provides new experiences based on their individual interests and abilities, but also provides ample opportunity to practice newly acquired skills. At Little Seed Early Learning Center we provide an intentionally designed environment where your little ones may safely learn and have fun while acquiring necessary life skills.

We take pride in our child-centered facility that is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials that promote optimal learning. We also take pride in our team of experienced and qualified childcare professionals who are dedicated to providing nurturing learning experiences for each child.

little girl holding her painting P R O G A M S O F F E R E D
  • Little Seed

    High quality care program for young children 13 to 24 months designed to help promote physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and early language development.

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  • Little Sprout

    Hands on learning activities for active toddlers age 24 to 36 months that encourage exploration and development of self confidence and independence.

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  • Preschool

    Our preschool program helps prepare children age 3 to 5 years for a successful transition to kindergarten.

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