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Little Seed Early Learning Center offers a high-quality and nurturing learning experience that is responsive to each child’s interests to help foster his/her social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development and to enable him/her to become a confident and competent life-long learner.

Our center adopts the following Program for Infant and Toddler Care (PITC) policies, which is a relationship-based approach to care that is individualized and responsive to a child’s cues and desires to learn. Children who have responsive and enduring relationship will develop emotional security which is the foundation for becoming socially resilient and competent learners.

Primary Teacher – a primary teacher is assigned to each child at all times. The primary teacher will be responsible for the care of the child throughout the day. Having a primary teacher will help your child develop a secured relationship and trust in the new environment which gives your child the confidence to explore and learn.

Small Group Size – small group size and low ratio are key components of quality care. Small group size allows for personalized care and development of secured relationships.

Continuity – primary teachers and children are kept together for the longest period of time possible at our center. This helps foster the secured relationship and continuity in learning goals.

Individualized Care – following each child’s unique rhythm and style helps promote physical and emotional well being and healthy sense of self. Responding promptly to each child’s individual needs also help him/her with the ability to self-regulate, to function independently in personal and social context. Children will feel important; knowing that their needs will be met, and that their preferences will be respected.

Cultural Continuity – children develop a sense of who they are and what is important through the context of culture. Consistency of home and child care is very important during infancy. We acknowledge and respect cultural differences. Families and teachers are expected to be open to negotiate different child rearing practices with open communications and work together to facilitate optimal development of each child.

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